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Dj Jans


As one of the founding members Kaycie is acting as both DJ, MC and party organizer for Strength Of Unity. Besides bieng a MC and party organizer for Strength Of Unity, Kaycie is also known to perform as a DJ.

In the beginning of his DJ career Kaycie used tracks pressed on vinyl to perform at party’s. After a couple of years Kaycie saw that the DJ scene was evolving from using Vinyl to the use of MP3. Kaycie kept on going with Vinyl believing that effort makes a good DJ, but at some point he got a glimpse of the immense creative capability’s of live remixing tracks by the use of a laptop and controller devices. Seeing that digital DJ’ing was a way he could express himself more as a performer, Kaycie decided to go all digital.

Now being able to actually remix tracks in front of a live audience Kaycie performs as a digital DJ in the hardcore scene.

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