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Alberto Maschio


Music, radio, dj, endless passion !!! And ‘what I thought in 1985 when I started my work in radio with the enthusiasm that today still continues and feeds, day after day, as it was then.  Son resident DJ in clubs like Cinecittà, Sax, Chez Vouz, Splash, Desireè, Maxim and many other … To date and new experiences related to the most sought after DJ sets and parts in various local social type and in full period, definitely different scenarios but always challenging and supportive … the The project “The Gallery”, a small container in particular dedicated to classic house music sounds but mergers to related moods and genres as soul, funk, r’n’b, deep and many others. Both grooves for those who love to listen to music “with the whole body”.

This Is my life … “soul, music, dreams …”

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